Saturday, October 20, 2012

Queen's Winter Knitting Book, Another Muffatee

 The Queen’s Winter Knitting Book, by Mrs. Mee & Miss. Austin. #3 - 1862

Another Muffatee
2oz. of 8-thread German Wool. Needles No. 10.
Cast 18 stitches on each of 2 needles and 20 on the 3rd.
1st round. Seam 2, knit 2, repeat, knit 15 more rounds the same as 1st.
17th round. Knit 3, seam 1, repeat.
18th round. Plain knitting.
19th round. Knit 1 *seam 1, knit 3, repeat from. *
20th round. Plain knitting, repeat the last 4 rounds until 50 in all are done, knit 16 rounds the same as the beginning, seaming 2 and knitting 2 alternately.

My interpretation:

1 ball sport weight Nature Spun 3ply (no color was specified, I’ve done them in white and colored.)
Set of size 4 double points.
Cast on 18 stitches on each of 2 needles and 20 on the 3rd.
Ribbing - P2, K2 for 16 rows (keep a tally)
Pattern – Row 17 - K 3, P1 around (ending row with P)
               Row 18 – K
               Row 19 – K 1, P1, K3 around (ending row with K)
               Row 20 - K
               Repeat these four rows(rounds) until 50 in all are done. Ribbing – P2, K2 for 16 rows(rounds)
Nature Spun comes in 1.3/4oz. I used 1.5/8oz. for a pair. These are utilitarian, worn under the dress sleeves for warmth. They fit from wrist to elbow. 

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  1. I've made 2 white pairs and now am working on a purple. Thanks for posting this pattern!