Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Valentine

Here is a lovely little poem I read in Godey’s Magazine, Vol. 56, 1858

BY  E. B.

By the breeze that sways the pine,
By the oak that lifts the vine,
By the lights above that shine,
Vow that thou art only mine,
My own true Valentine

By the sunlight streaming through
Heaven’s ethereal arch of blue,
By each sparkling drop of dew,
Swear to be forever true
To me, my Valentine.

By the rifted rock secure,
By the fleecy snow so pure,
Say that none shall e’er allure
Love I fain would have endure
My own, Valentine.

While the moon beams soft and free
Lightly kiss the earth and sea,
While shale last Heaven’s firm decree,
Pledge undying faith to me,
To me, my Valentine.

While the restless oceans roll,
While the needle points the pole,
While unfolds time’s lengthened scroll,
Treasures in thine inmost soul
My image, Valentine.

Many years ago some girl friends and I spent an enjoyable afternoon making Victorian Valentines...after reading about them in Ruth Webb Lee's A History of Valentines. 

This is one I really enjoyed making, it is called a cobweb valentine.