Friday, November 15, 2013

Knit in crochet work

Found this article about crochet work. Reading other period directions often crochet and knit were interchanged for crochet work.

The dollar weekly bulletin (Maysville, KY.) 21 April 1864
A Western paper notices a curious specimen of the handiwork of a Southern lady--a pair of knit pantaloons in crochet work. the work was firmly and neatly done, and the maker was Mrs. W.H.Mackie, of Columbia, Arkansas. During the blockade in that region, her husband needed a pair of pantaloons, and as there was no cloth to be had, she took her crochet needle, and with plenty of homespun yarn got up an article equal to anything a merchant tailor could turn out--handsome in appearance, and good for "three years or during the war."