Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paper rugs

 This would be great to try. Have to find some period paper.

The Cultivator, 1864
[Article on Papering-walls, screens and rugs, my interest is in the screens and rugs]
    Screens, &c.--By the bye, if you have any fire screens, bed canopies, or rugs, to make, it is well to do it while your hand is in. [papering] The screens or canopies must have a firm cotton cover, tacked on smoothly and tightly. The paper is then pasted on them as on a wall, and their good looks depend on the neatness with which the border and centre piece, if they have any, are put on.
    Cheap Rugs.--Very good rugs for hearths, washstands, or bed-sides, may be made by stretching a stout piece of cotton cloth, the size you desire, on a clean floor or table; paste a pretty paper on it, and a suitable border around. When dry, give it two or three coats of varnish, and bind and fringe, if you like. These rugs are quite pretty, and will last astonishingly, and may be cleaned just as oil cloth. they do very well for plain, spare chambers, and they have the recommendation of being very cheap.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Literary notice of Tempest and Sunshine

I found this literary notice in Godey's today. I listened to the audio book a while ago and quite enjoyed it.

Godey's Magazine and Lady's Book, July 1854
Literary Notices.
From D. Appleton & Co., No. 200 Broadway, New York, through C.G. Henderson & Co., corner of Fifth and Arch Streets, Philadelphia:--
    TEMPEST AND SUNSHINE; or Life in Kentucky. By Mrs. Mary J. Holmes. The characters and incidents of this novel make us acquainted with many interesting features of Western life. We hope, however, there are no more such strong-minded young women left in Kentucky as our author has described Julia to have been. Throughout the book, great care appears to have been taken to sustain all the peculiarities which distinguish persons of Southern and Northern birth with education, and at the same time, to abstain form introducing offensively any of those "vexed questions" which have  lately been made the basis of similar works of fiction. We must also give the author credit for unusual force and originality in her delineation of several of the principal actors introduced. We may say, too that the moral tendency of the work is unexceptionable.

Tempest and Sunshine by Mary Jane Holmes

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Little finds during the week...

Hit the thrift stores this week and came away with some delightful little treasures. First a beautiful blown glass vase. It is actually a light amethyst color, a few bubbles and a rough pontil mark on the bottom. 
This morning my husband and I did our usual Saturday rounds and I found two small books in very good condition!
The Moss Rose - 1844
and Thoughts in Affliction 1837

Friday, March 1, 2013

Unexpected Treasures

Yesterday a friend and I checked out an antique shop near her home. I found two volumes of The Plays and Poems of Shakespere, Vols 12 (Antony and Cleopatra & Cymbeline) & 14 (Hamlet & Othello) from 1853! Woo Hoo !
BUT...and there is always a BUT...they are both missing the front and back covers :(
BUT...they were cheap and in remarkably good condition  :)
So as a Civil War re-enator...I can always say the soldiers tore the covers off as I seemed to treasure these books so much as they went about ransacking my home!

Plus I hope to make some new covers as I'm going to participate in an antebellum event in March and I can read from them in the afternoon while the other ladies are sewing or some such things.