Monday, December 31, 2012

Worsted and Worse

Cotton or woolen socks...funny but I've found a number of comments about not using cotton...does that mean a lot of cotton was used? 

Vanity Fair, May 18, 1861
Worsted and Worse
            Our warriors must be somewhat puzzled by the contradictory suggestions thrown out for their benefit by the daily press. One writer requests them on no account to wear any other socks than cotton socks, when marching. The Tribune, on the contrary, asserts that they must wear worsted ones if they want to save their country and their corns. We go in for GREELEY, this time. The many who sticks up for the Cotton is open to a suspicion of secessionism; while GREELEY is consistent in standing up for the Wool. We think the Cotton man will be Worsted.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thrift Store Treasures

The past week was interesting. I hit upon some wonderful (at least to me) treasures at a few local thrift stores. Makes one wonder if the stores know what is being donated! Early last week I found two identical celery vases, blown glass and cut with a beautiful design...THEN...later in the week I stopped back in and there was a third...identical to the others! I'm still trying to date them. There is something about the design. I'm leaning towards early to mid-19th century, then I could be horribly off on the dating. But there are THREE of them!

I also found a small blown glass wine glass? It may be a reproduction...which is fine with me as I can use it at reenactments.

Then today we went to another shop and I found two boxes covered in marbled paper (I love boxes and small containers) and two blow glass bottles with stoppers. I'll use these for reenacting also.

I think I'm have a new!