Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thrift Store Treasures

The past week was interesting. I hit upon some wonderful (at least to me) treasures at a few local thrift stores. Makes one wonder if the stores know what is being donated! Early last week I found two identical celery vases, blown glass and cut with a beautiful design...THEN...later in the week I stopped back in and there was a third...identical to the others! I'm still trying to date them. There is something about the design. I'm leaning towards early to mid-19th century, then I could be horribly off on the dating. But there are THREE of them!

I also found a small blown glass wine glass? It may be a reproduction...which is fine with me as I can use it at reenactments.

Then today we went to another shop and I found two boxes covered in marbled paper (I love boxes and small containers) and two blow glass bottles with stoppers. I'll use these for reenacting also.

I think I'm have a new! 

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