Thursday, January 17, 2013

Norwegian Morning or Bonnet Cap

I've been working on the interpretation for this cap. The original directions are in Godey's. Here is my finished cap. I used Filatura Di Crosa Nirvana Extrafine Merino (lace weight) wool, No. 3 knitting needles and a no. 2 crochet hook for the border. The bows are silk.

Knitting with lace weight was a it catches on everything and it takes a light touch to knit.  I've made a number of these caps, using a 4 ply fingering. They are similar in the  finished size. There are a number of interpretations out there for this cap.

Norwegian Morning Bonnet or Cap

Additional photos of another Norwegian Morning Bonnet or Cap...finally getting around to adding the ribbons and bows. Knit with fingering weight wool.

Red, white and blue, Norwegian Morning or Bonnet Cap

One more...Knit with fingering weight wool.
Norwegian Morning or Bonnet Cap

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