Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Literary notice of Tempest and Sunshine

I found this literary notice in Godey's today. I listened to the audio book a while ago and quite enjoyed it.

Godey's Magazine and Lady's Book, July 1854
Literary Notices.
From D. Appleton & Co., No. 200 Broadway, New York, through C.G. Henderson & Co., corner of Fifth and Arch Streets, Philadelphia:--
    TEMPEST AND SUNSHINE; or Life in Kentucky. By Mrs. Mary J. Holmes. The characters and incidents of this novel make us acquainted with many interesting features of Western life. We hope, however, there are no more such strong-minded young women left in Kentucky as our author has described Julia to have been. Throughout the book, great care appears to have been taken to sustain all the peculiarities which distinguish persons of Southern and Northern birth with education, and at the same time, to abstain form introducing offensively any of those "vexed questions" which have  lately been made the basis of similar works of fiction. We must also give the author credit for unusual force and originality in her delineation of several of the principal actors introduced. We may say, too that the moral tendency of the work is unexceptionable.

Tempest and Sunshine by Mary Jane Holmes

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