Thursday, September 5, 2013

Union Knitting Army.

I'm finding some interesting stories about knitting socks for the army/soldiers.

Cleveland mourning leader (Cleveland OH) October 19, 1861 - Chronicling Historic American Newspapers LOC

Union Knitting Army.

                The ladies of the O.S. Presbyterian Church, at Pleasant Ridge, Hamilton Co., have formed themselves into what we hope may be the advance guard of a grand Knitting Army. They have pledged themselves, each and every one, to knit four pairs of woolen yarn socks, or stockings, by the first of January, 1862—two pairs by the first of November, and the remaining two by the first of January, 1862.

                Appealing to their sisters elsewhere, they say: “Let each lady pledge herself to knit four pairs by the time specified, and thereby manifest the interest and sympathy we feel for the gallant defenders of our homes and firesides, by enlisting for the war in the Union Knitting Army.”

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