Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Knitted Garters

The Workwomans Guide, 1840 - pg 255
These are chiefly worn by females, and are merely narrow strips of knitting, of three quarters of a yard long, and a nail, more or less, wide.
They are made of worsted, cotton, or soft wool; the latter is most elastic and pleasant.
For garters, set on from twelve to twenty, or even thirty stitches, according to the fineness of the material.
Knit backwards and forwards till of the proper length, when fasten off. some persons prefer a loop at the end; for which purpose, when near the end, divide the stitches equally upon two pins, and knit each pin about ten ribs, after which connect them together by binding them in fastening off.
Garters are sometimes knit by putting the material, which is fine, twice around the pin at every stitch letting the pin be very thick.
Garters are some times ribbed, at others knit, in a succession of squares of different patterns.

The Elastic Rib.
This is very suitable for cuffs and garters, as it clings or contracts to the form.
The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book, 1840
Pg 112
Two needles No. 14, and German lambs'-wool
Cast on 18 stitches. Knit in double knitting backwards and forwards until the garter is long enough. End with a point.
The Ladies' Work-table Book, 1844
Pg 128-9
Elastic Rib
This, as its name implies, is the proper stitch for garters, or any kind of article which is wanted to fit easily, yet firmly. You are to set on any number of loops you please, and knit one row plain; the next is pearled, the two next are plain; then one pearled, and so on alternately to the end.

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