Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Patriotic Socks

A while back there was a pair of socks on Antique's Roadshow, blue wool with the American flag at the top and the Confederate secession flag knit into the foot. This particular pair was dated to earlier in the war. In doing research on knitting socks for the soldiers I came across an article about a pair presented to President Lincoln in 1864. This story was reprinted in a number of papers.  I wonder how many of this type of sock design was knitted during the course of the war. What happened to this pair?  

Daily national Republican.(Washington DC), March 21, 1864, Second Edition, Image 2 (Library of Congress)

A PATIOTIC GIFT. (the misspelling is as in the paper)
            At the Presidential reception on Saturday, Major French presented to the President a pair of woollen socks, knit expressly for the President by Miss Addie Brockway, of Newburyport, Mass. On the bottom of each was knit the secession flag; and near the top the glorious stars and stripes of our Union, so that when worn by the President he will always have the flag of the rebellion under his feet. These socks were sent by the maker to Mrs. Wm. B. Todd, of this city, and at her request Major French presented them with a few appropriate remarks. They were most pleasantly and graciously received by the President.

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