Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Confederate Socks

I recently came across two references of Confederate socks with the Confederate flag knit into them. One is a contemporary source that I still need to check out its documentation/source. 

Memorial Record of Alabama: Herbert, H. A. Alabama in Federal politics. Cochran, J. The medical profession. Clark, T. H. Judicial history. Screws, W. W. Alabama journalism. Clark, T. H. Religious history 1979

Pg. 870 "A pair of fine socks with the Confederate flag knit into them came back to the regiment with a card attached, addressed. "To the gallant Randle."


With Porter in North Missouri: a chapter in the history of the war between ...By Joseph Aloysius Mudd 

Pg. 328 "Among other things, they found a pair of white yarn socks which I had made with a Confederate flag knitted into each sock. I was then about sixteen years old."

Now if I only new what they looked like...

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