Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bathing Dress

Arthur’s Illustrated Home Magazine, Vol. 13-14 1859
Pg. 49
Bathing Dress.
The material is common Scotch plaid, green and red, in alternate checks. It is cut short, in the bloomer fashion, which, though very convenient when half veiled in the snowy surf, ought to astonish the sharks themselves on dry land. But a bathing dress is only intended for convenience and the least idea of making it elegant would be preposterous. The dress is made with a loose skirt set into the old-fashioned tight yoke, and gathered around the waist with a plaid belt; it is cut short, leaving the feet and ankles free. Long bishop sleeves fastened around the wrist with a band, protect the arm. The pantalettes are made loose, and fashioned around the ankles with narrow bands. 

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