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"good things prepared by loving hearts and willing hands..."

 Letters form the Fourty-fourth regiment M.V.W. by Zenas T. Haines 1863
Pg. 61
Newbern, N.C., Jan. 2, 1863
Since the holidays commenced the friends of the men in the regiment have overwhelmed us with the bounties and luxuries of home. Here are the contents of one box that came under the especial observation of your correspondent, and which he regards as a model in its way: tea, coffee, sugar, butter, pepper, salt, capsicum, cheese, gingerbread, confectioner’s cakes, bologna sausage, condensed milk, smoked halibut, pepper-box, camp knife, matches, ink, mince pies, candy, tomato ketchup, apples, horse radish, emery paper, sardines, cigars, smoking tobacco, candles, soap, newspapers, pictorials, letters, pickles, and choler mixture. The opening of this box, and the examination and display of its contents, furnished an evening of rare enjoyment.

Pg 64
Newbern, N.C., Jan. 18, 1863
            Many of the regiments are renewedly cheered and made grateful by the reception of home comforts. Your correspondent must be pardoned for laying some stress on this pleasant feature of our experience. The delayed schooners of Sutler Grant have at last arrived with their precious freights. Time, it is to be confessed, had made its mark upon some of the poultry and pastry, but that which had been sealed in tin cans or boxes arrived in fine condition, although nearly a month in transitu. As friends express themselves in much doubt as to what is best to send, here are the contents of a box recently received, which may be taken as a model: A large sealed tin box of mince pies and cake; a large sealed tin box of cake; a large paper box of ditto; a tin box of sugar; a tin box of pepper; a jar of pickles; a box of eggs; together with apples, pears, pins, stationery, and last but not least, letters. A portion of one of the latter articles I subjoin. It may also be regarded as a model:

            “There are so many articles we wish to send you, but so few which we feel sure will reach you unspoiled, that it has required considerable thought and discussion on our part, in regard to the particular articles which shall be sent. But if you take one half the pleasure in receiving and consuming them that it has given us to prepare them, we shall be more than happy.
            “I hope the vessel which carries out this little box may go freighted with many good things prepared by loving hearts and willing hands to give comfort to the soldiers.

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