Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Socks For Soldiers-pieces of woolen cloth

Staunton Spectator (Staunton VA) 1864 [LOC]
Socks For Soldiers
We feel called upon again to appeal in behalf of our suffering soldiers to the patriotism and kindness of the good people of this County to furnish material to make socks for our brave and bare-footed soldiers. We do not even ask for yarn, [though that, of course, is preferred] but only for pieces of woolen cloth large enough to make a covering for their feet. Every family could contribute such pieces as are now needed, and we feel that it is only necessary to state that they are wanted to ensure a sufficient supply in a short time. The ladies of this place are ready to make the pieces up into socks—the people of the country will please furnish the materials needed. A large portion of the gallant 25th Regiment is now without socks and the brave soldiers of that Regiment are, in great part, from the North-western portion of the State without the possibility of receiving relief from their friends at home. Such soldiers have a peculiar claim to the kindness of our people. Search your houses and send such pieces as mentioned above to the Book-store of Mr. R. Cowan, of Staunton, and they will soon be covering the feet of our suffering soldiers.

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