Wednesday, June 20, 2012

THANK YOU...Miss. Lambert !

Knitted Cuff, Shell Pattern, My Knitting Book by Miss. Lambert 1843
Knit with lace weight 

I recently began using Miss. Lambert's "The Standard Filiere" knitting needle gauge to knit up a few items from her and Miss Watts knitting books. Many of the patterns are reprinted in a number of other 19th century books. In some cased the needle size was left out, in a few the needle size is a typo, so comparing other books may clarify some errors. For example in one book the shell pattern cuffs/ muffatees call for size 11 needles but in another is states size 22. After testing the gauge the 22 turned out to be the correct size. It helps to know and compare the yarn, number of cast on stitches, to the needle size. Since using the Lambert gauge, there has been no need to change the cast on to make my cuffs/muffatees larger. They are stretchy, but hug my wrists comfortably.  Sometimes a pattern states to change the number to cast on to change a size.  I’ve stayed with the original directions and looked at multiple directions.  Some books may or may not have additional suggestions for the same item, depending on the author. Also found the same item listed under a different name.
Muffatees, Feather Pattern, The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book by Miss. Watts 1840
100 % wool, four ply fingering

Corkscrew Muffatees, The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book by Miss. Watts 1840
100% wool, four ply fingering

All the above are knit in the round using 4 double pointed needles.
This summer I’m going to try out some more knitting patterns using Miss Lambert’s Filiere knitting gauge. The illustration for the gauge in My Knitting Book is to scale. I downloaded the page in the book with the illustration. To print out the page I made sure every thing {pdf and computer printer) is set at 100%. 

The Ladies' Work-Table 

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