Friday, June 15, 2012

Thrift stores and a critial eye

I love shopping in thrift stores! Over the past year I found quite a few interesting items. As a reenactor I found some great gems, both originals and reproductions to use at reenactments and in exhibits. It takes a critical eye to spot the good "stuff". But you must research...look at lots and lots of originals in museums and books, books and more books to develop a critical eye.

Here are a few of my recent "finds" and no one item was over $5. 
The red ware bowl is from Greenfield Village, and green glasses are reproductions from Jamestown.
The dish is early 19th mark on back...sometimes I wonder if people know what they are giving away.

I love home-made pot holders...could not pass these up! I remember making the same ones with cotton loops and a metal loom. 
The yarn is a single ply Cobweb yarn from Shetland...this is going to become a pair of cuffs....I hope! The yarn was only a dollar.

 This pitcher is for my son...he loves stuff from the 1940's-early 1960's 

Also for my son, this solid wood coffee table at Salvation Army...$20...woo hoo!
As I was looking at it a gentleman was also eying about an instant decision...grabbed the tag and paid for it. 

Also, purchased an outfit for me...linen Capri's, silk tropical shirt and silk tank-top...$1 a piece!   Not bad for a cloudy, gray and windy Friday!


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