Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cotton Stockings

While listening to yet another audio book, this one from 1862.  I started knitting another pair of mid-19th century cotton stockings, these are worn below the knee. It has been a challenge to find an equivalent cotton to knit with. I think I may have found a suitable cotton. I am using cotton butchers twine in 3 ply (35wpi), a typical ply for the period. The needles are 000 dps and the gauge is 11 spi.

The first photo is of an original stocking with my sample on top.

3 ply cotton butchers twine 
  It is my intent to complete a pair by summers end.....I do get a quite a lot of knitting completed when listening to audio books  :)

Update 7/03/13 Shaping the leg begun, 6 1/4" knit.

Still growing :)

July 20, 2013 started foot

Update: one completed and the second stocking less than 5" to go on the foot and toe  :)

Just need to weave in some ends and block! :)

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