Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Winter - Under Clothing

Ohio cultivator, December 1, 1861

Under Clothing for Winter
            Ladies seem to have a proclivity to being uncomfortable because it is the fashion; though we acknowledge, to a decided movement in the right direction, in thick shoes, water proof cloaks, and close sleeves to dresses. But one thing more if you please. the hoop skirt is a blessing in holding the long dress from the feet, and giving the limbs fair play, but they leave body and limbs too much exposed to cold; this may be remedied by wearing flannel drawers over the cambric ones, made of the dark opera flannel, and lined with canton flannel. Ladies at the east do this through all the severity of winter, and find one pair of such flannel drawers equal in warmth and protection to a half dozen loose, heavy skirts, which are expensive and require extra labor to keep them in order.
            Of course the fashionable belle who delights in embroideries, will not heed my advice, but the house-wife who goes to hen-house and barn-yard, who milks, makes butter, and goes to market; washes and irons—will only have to make one trial of close flannel drawers reaching down to the top of her boots, to find they are exceedingly comfortable, and great preventives to neuralgia and toothache and rheumatism. I have worn them for years, and wonder how any woman can keep warm without them.

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